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Architectural and Interior Photographer in Brisbane

"Architecture is the scientific art of making structures express ideas."

- Frank Lloyd Wright, Architectural Forum, May 1930

A skilled architectural photographer draws attention to the finer details of a building, displaying it as a complete, harmonious image. Geometry is the name of the game when it comes to architectural and interior photography: Light, lines, shapes and forms, all come together to create engaging architectural and interior imagery.

As the real estate market heats up in Brisbane, competition can get pretty fierce; buyers, sellers, real estate agents, everyone has their expectations set sky high, and because of this, there’s a strong demand for experienced architectural and interior photographers who can make your properties and developments look amazing.

If you’re aiming to stand out from the crowd, professional photography is where you can really shine. Displaying your property in its best light can be the backbone in marketing campaigns that lead to much higher buyer engagement with your property development or investment.

I get really excited every time I get a client enquiry to shoot a property in Brisbane or the surrounding areas of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. With over 10 years experience in engineering, I’m on of those unicorns who understand construction as well as design (we’re a rare bunch!).

Whether it’s residential homes, commercial warehouses, commercial offices, or corporate buildings, great architectural photos should make the viewer stop and appreciate the space for what it is; A beautiful collage and expression of ideas.

How do I proceed with an architectural photography project?

Whenever I’m photographing an architectural space in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, I prefer to work with or at least consult the designer or creator of the space as part of the brief. Having access to these professionals helps me to capture the space in its intended light and meaning.

I do a lot of groundwork on these projects, in order to get the best results. If the project allows or requires it, I like to do a thorough pre-shoot review of the property, so I can plan my approach and discover the building’s best aspects before conducting the shoot.

Pre-shoot research can include a range of considerations like:

  • Studying the direction the building is facing to achieve proper sunlight conditions during the shoot

  • Spotting the best angles and sources of light in order to get good exposures

  • Figuring out if supplemental lighting will be needed); or

  • Deciding whether I could take the best photos at a specific time of day, like at dusk or after dark.


After your photos are taken and I go into post-production, at this point I may utilise colour matching and exposure blending, or a series of other Photoshop techniques to make the photos really pop.

My objective on each shoot is to make engaging and well-styled photos of your interior and exterior spaces.

Through my experience shooting interiors and exteriors of domestic and commercial spaces, I understand that each feature of the property should be emphasised in the composition. Using the landscape and surroundings of the building is something I also always try to incorporate where possible, helping the viewer to understand the building in its natural environment.

Dealing with an experienced real estate photographer who has the right set of skills and knowledge for dynamic exterior and interior photography, is the starting point to creating gorgeous imagery for your company in the building industry.

Why am I the perfect candidate for construction photography in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or

Sunshine Coast?

If you want someone with a very high level of attention to detail and creativity to showcase your project in its most beautiful aspects, and someone who’s easy to work with, you won’t go wrong with me.

In addition, if your project involves any level of risk, for example – If you need photos in a real estate development that’s still under construction – I am comfortable and experienced working in high-risk environments, making me perfectly qualified for the job.

After 10 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge about the lifecycle of large projects and high-risk environments, and how to work within them safely.

If we work together, you can rest assured knowing that my extensive experience allows me to assess the risks involved with onsite photoshoots, work safely at all times and plan the shoot correctly to keep myself and others involved safe on your site.

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