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There Are Lots of Photographers in Brisbane. This is Why You Should Choose Me

Hey there, I’m Brendan. I take AMAZING photos that you will want to look at again, and again, and again (in fact, it will be hard for you or your clients to take your eyes off them!).

How would I sum up my style? Well, if you like bright and punchy images then you will love what I’ll be able to do for you. Coupled with a cool and collected onsite approach which means I can overcome any obstacles or difficulties that come up during the shoot with ease, you’ll find that I am the easiest, and least-stressful photographer you will ever work with.

On top of that, the images I produce are high-quality and very affordable.  And even though you’ll find me pretty laid back and easy going, I seriously get down to business when it comes to executing my work in the best way I can, for every single client I work with.

My road to photography as a career (and why experience in different fields helps get YOU better photos)

I’ve gone through many career paths in my life before settling on pursuing my lifelong passion of photography as a business. Before I reached this point, no matter which direction life took me, photography was always there.

You know how they say you should follow your dreams?

Trying (not very successfully) to become a chef, was not much of a dream for me. I do still love food though, and I can take some incredible food photos because of my time in kitchens.

Then spending 10 years in engineering and construction? It’s been fun, and it has given me some very useful skills in risk management. It also gave me a solid appreciation and understanding of the nuances of architecture and design that makes for great architectural and interior photos.

But somewhere along the way, I felt like it was time to pursue my passion.

And then I finally started chasing my dream of becoming a photographer, something not so common for a laid-back country boy born and raised in country Queensland, but learning to integrate into Brisbane life as a corporate city slicker.

I moved to Brisbane with my wife (and now my two kids and two crazy schnauzers), to pursue my cooking career. After that and the engineering industry, my love for creative ideas eventually drove me to study photography.

Working in lots of different fields has taught me how to look at life from many different angles, something that’s really important for finding the perfect way to photograph your project. In high-risk construction environments I also learnt how to stay cool and calm under pressure, something which is infinitely important for dealing with the spontaneity needed in many photo shoots.

As a side note, coffee is a driving force in my life, so if you’re also a fan we will be instant friends :) My go-to location for a planning session is generally the closest café, and because I have very flexible working hours (and so do cafés) I can easily cater to all your pre-planning and onsite needs.

Want to organise a coffee catch up?

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