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I love the style of your photography, how do I organise a photoshoot?

Well, firstly, thank you for taking the time to get this far! My bright / punchy photographic style isn’t the right fit for every project, but I find that those who click with it totally fall in love with what I do (and so do their clients if it’s a commercial shoot we’re working on).


To answer your question: The next steps in the process is to organise a pre-shoot meeting. You can either contact me here[D1] , call me direct on 0413 607 400, or send me an email at Then we can discuss your project, goals and ideas photographic needs, and see if we’re a good fit to work together from there.

Do you only do photographic sessions in Brisbane?

Most of my work has been in and around Brisbane, but I’ve worked with clients all over South East Queensland. So if you’re in the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Logan, Ipswich or anywhere around those regions, I’ll happily travel to you. Let’s get on the phone and have a chat about your planned location.

How long does a “typical” photo shoot go for?

Before settling on a time, date, and session length, we need to determine what your project will need to get the best result. Do I need to bump in and out lighting? Does your photography need work from an extra stylist? Do you want to take photos in the awesome “golden hour” just before sunset that makes almost all photos look better? After a few years working on all sorts of photographic projects, you notice that there isn’t anything like a “typical” shoot, so it’s best we flesh out the requirements so I can give you a more detailed estimate.


Either way, I work in hourly, half day, and full day blocks. I believe that offering flexibility in this area serves my clients in the best possible way.


Through talking about your shoot at our complimentary pre-shoot meeting, I’ll be able to determine an appropriate length of time required to get the job done.

I need help with stylists / hair and makeup / props? Can you recommend anyone?

No worries at all! I’ve built some great connections within the industry in a tonne of different areas, so I can help organise some seasoned pros to be present at your shoot to get the best results.


If you want to bring your own staff, stylists or props to the shoot, feel free to do so, just let me know that it’s happening in advance so I don’t get a surprise on the day.

Sounds good re: stylists, but what if don’t even know what I should wear? HELP!

All good, I can help you with this too! But it’s best we meet up and have a chat so I can understand your needs, goals for the shoot and the end product you’d like – then I can make recommendations accordingly.

I don’t know where I want to get my photos taken, what do you suggest?

This is a common concern many clients have. So I keep an ever growing portfolio of amazing locations that I can have at the ready for times like these.


During our complimentary planning and discussion session I’ll be happy to suggest a range of locations that will suit your ideal photoshoot. I have a mobile studio, so I can bring all my gear to any location, and we can shoot outdoors if you require so (weather permitting). Of course, if you need architecture shots to showcase or sell your property, I’ll also be able to help you find the perfect location within your existing environment.

How long until you deliver my prints / digital files?

Once the photoshoot is done, I’ll send you a link to a client gallery full of unedited images for your approval. From there I’ll edit the final photos and send another link to the final gallery for your perusal.

Depending on the level of work that your shoot requires and the amount of pictures requiring heavy editing, custom cropping, colour corrections, etc., it might take up to a week before you receive them in your email. But it won’t ever take longer than that, I promise!

What if I’m not happy with the photos? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

“I’m not happy with these photos” is something I have honestly never heard before from my clients, who usually love them!

But if for some reason you’re not happy with the look or feel, sometimes some colour corrections and re-imagining are all that’s needed which I’ll happily do for you for free. On top of that, I offer a 110% money-back guarantee. If your photos were completely not what you wanted, I’ll refund your money + 10%. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love them.


Have I missed anything? Send me your questions!

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