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Get Great Corporate Portraits to Make Your Brand Stand Out From the Pack

Corporate photography conveys an image to potential clients about the nature of your business and its employees. Every photo representing your brand must speak to the needs and wants of your prospective clients.

Whether you want to come across as professional, progressive, or even quirky, your imagery needs to carry this message to your target market. Incorporating your branding into your corporate images while maintaining a consistent style is the key to delivering a long-lasting impression about your business or client’s brands.

Before a corporate portrait shoot, I like to consult with clients to first understand their business. This allows me to have the brand’s purpose clear so I can accurately represent it to anyone looking at the images I produce. I firmly believe that corporate and executive photography is a great way of bringing together your business with one of the most important marketing elements it has: The faces behind it.

In your photos we can include your employees, your place of business, and even some of your customers from corporate events to help build a clearer picture about your business, while making it look professional and trustworthy.

I’ve worked with corporate clients to create on-brand photos for all types of media; both print and electronic. We can plan a session for all kinds of corporate portraits (whether individually, or as part of a team or event), for LinkedIn headshots, business cards, corporate websites, marketing collateral, corporate literature or anything else your business needs images for.

Corporate Photography, Events and Conference Shoots in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Areas

When you hire an event photographer, you want them to be active and engaged in your event. Someone who almost seems like they can be in multiple places at the same time, so that they can capture all those spontaneous moments that make the best event memories and marketing materials.

Event photos need energy and excitement to entice viewers to want to learn more about you and your company or event. They need to draw a person in and make them want to be there, want to take part. Event photos like this are a great way of showcasing your corporate events and social days to a wider audience. They are also an excellent way of inspiring people to attend your future events.

Photographing an event is about knowing what to do, and preferably where to be at exactly the right moment to capture photos that will be an amazing showcase for your event (both now and for future events as well).

I have worked with clients across a diverse range of events to capture images that have later been used for social media feeds, promotions and advertising future events. I’m prompt, professional, and come equipped with all the gear required to shoot your event.

If your events or conferences need photographing anywhere in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast I’ll happily travel to meet you there.

My Approach to Event Photography

When shooting an event my focus is on creating bright and punchy images that capture the event’s special moments, those golden nuggets in every event that make them memorable.

After all, those are the moments people want to remember, and they are the types of moments that will entice people to attend your events in the future.

All of this is done with my usual positive attitude and a friendly smile for everyone there. I can be as involved in the event and engaged with attendees as you want me to be, and can fulfil all your photographic requests, while also using my personal insight to look for any additional value that I can provide in my photos.

I always like to have a little spontaneity reflected in my event photos too, so I’m constantly on the lookout for great, unique photo opportunities.

Needless to say, I also know how quickly you may want amazing photos of your event so that everyone can share them on social media: Don’t worry! You will get your event’s entire collection of photos in less than 48 hours!

Need a Photographer to capture your business in its best light?

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