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Social Media and Advertising Photographer For Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Areas

Let’s face it, when you’re working with a large audience we have to embrace the fact that social media can be relentless.

You need to put out content frequently to stay relevant, and it HAS to be high quality, or your audience will look past your ad with “banner blindness” as soon as your messaging appears in their feed.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way though, not all hope is lost!

In order to get engagement with your brand, you have to grab your audience’s focus and make them pay attention.

And how do you do this? Easy: hire a great photographer that knows how people use social media, what they’re looking for, and how to overcome ad and banner blindness so your message is remembered.

You guessed it: That’s me.

Photos For Your Facebook, LinkedIn and Other Social Business Pages

When it comes to commercial photography for social media; Facebook is the most effective platform to promote your business profile and branding, with half of all Australians using Facebook daily to catch up with friends or search for products.

Facebook posts about businesses profiles with appealing photos are 75-90% more likely to receive a click, a like or a share. LinkedIn is a close second for B2B businesses, and depending on your product, you might also do well on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or Etsy.

The key to achieving results on these platforms, and in standing out with commercial photography, is to understand your target market. Know exactly what your clients want to see, and how to display it to them in the perfect light.

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? With the most engaging length for Facebook posts being 40 characters or less, why not leverage the power of effective social media photography to add another 1000 words to your message?

Why should you work with me to create photos for your advertisements?

Social media is a major cog in the advertising industry, and a central part of your business branding. With the ever-growing number of products and services in the market, it is absolutely essential to showcase your products in their best light on these platforms.

When deciding on imagery for your webpage and social media feeds it can be tempting to opt for stock photos, but don’t be fooled, your followers can (and will) see right through this. Using stock photos can even obliterate any trust you have built with your audience as they will begin to see you as ingenuine.

I’ve worked with clients to produce eye-catching images of their employees, and to create product shots that have been used again and again on social media platforms.

Whether it’s clothing, products, events, headshots, promotional campaigns or professional services, I consistently provide images that have successfully brought engagement from their target audiences over and over.

Images created by a professional photographer that show your products or employees in a natural light, are more likely to give a potential customer a feeling of trust in you and what you are selling. This trust means they are more likely to believe in you and invest in your products or services.

For your photographs to stand out in social media, having a proper understanding of all of the technical aspects of creating attention grabbing photos like framing, composition, effective lighting and colour editing, is a must. So is being creative and innovative, or else you’ll do what every other brand is doing with the commercial photographer they hired, causing you to look the same as everyone else.

That’s where I come in, by helping businesses with consultancy and conceptualisation of imagery to support their digital marketing strategies.

This is the first major step in planning and shooting images for a social media based campaign. After we discuss the details of your project I’ll propose ideas for images that are powerful and creative, and perfectly aligned with the needs of your target audience and your brand.

My social media and advertising photography packages are also super affordable. I understand that every client is different, so when we talk we’ll work out a package solution that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

The Importance of Upgrading Your Business Profile

What’s the first thing that people see when they visit your LinkedIn or Facebook page? Your profile picture. You are the face of your business and your portrait photos need to send the right message to you potential clients.

If what you want to convey a professional yet approachable image for your LinkedIn profile or business pages, I also offer top-notch high-quality portrait headshots, at affordable rates.

You’ll get an awesome corporate photo or casual headshot, with great lighting and editing that you will be able to re-use again and again around the net and on all your social media profiles.

Ready to boost your next social media campaign?

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